Lokgandhar Journal has consistently published research papers for the past five years. To date, we have released over 250 research-based articles across 30 issues, each offering distinct features. It is heartening to note that our readership has steadily increased, and currently, Lokogandhar Journal boasts a readership in the lakhs.

Online journals, while not without their drawbacks, provide us with the means to reach a broad and diverse audience. We have readers both from within our country and abroad who regularly read and search our journal, as well as reach out to submit their articles and provide feedback. While not every article submitted may be suitable for publication, we always strive to make necessary corrections to ensure they meet our publication standards.

In the face of the significant disruptions that have afflicted our country and the world over the past three years, including the devastating impact of the COVID-19 pandemic which claimed the lives of many, Lokgandhar Journal has continued its mission uninterrupted. We are immensely grateful to the numerous individuals, both from home and abroad, who have supported us in various ways to maintain the regular publication of our journal. On behalf of Lokgandhar Journal, we extend our heartfelt appreciation to them and hope for their continued cooperation in the days ahead.

In this latest issue, we feature several important articles, and we encourage our readers to share their views on these pieces. Additionally, we extend a special invitation to college and university professors and researchers to contribute their writings. We are committed to making every effort to publish submissions that meet our criteria and contribute to the advancement of knowledge in our field. Thank you for your continued support and engagement with Lokgandhar Journal.