Rules of Publications

This document outlines the guidelines for submitting research articles to ensure a standardized and rigorous review process. Authors are requested to adhere to the specified requirements to facilitate efficient peer review and subsequent publication.

Article Submission Requirements:

  1. The research paper must be submitted in Bengali or in English language, free of spelling mistakes.
  2. Word Count: The essay should be a minimum of 2000 words and a maximum of 5000 words, except in cases of exceptional writing. Exceptions to the word count limit will be considered based on the merit of the content.
  3. Submission Timeline: Submissions should be sent at least one month in advance of the intended publication date. Articles will be published every two months, adhering to the predetermined schedule.
  4. Language: The writing should be in either English or Bengali, with the title and abstract in English. Bibliographic information should be presented in Roman script.
  5. Scientific Rigor: Research papers should be written scientifically, incorporating proper reasoning and methodology. All text should be written in clear and comprehensible language, and accessible to a broad audience.
  6. Ethics and Best Practices: Submissions should include a statement on ethics and best practices relevant to the research conducted. Authors are expected to adhere to ethical standards in their research and writing. Plagiarism will not be tolerated, and any copied text will result in immediate rejection. Submissions should include the author’s phone number, email address, company name, and address. Every article will undergo plagiarism checks and will be published only after a successful peer review.
  7. Author Information: Authors must provide their full name, institutional affiliation, and location. Complete and accurate author information is essential for proper attribution and acknowledgment.
  8. Please send your article by email to only.
  9. Contact by Phone +91 9a63365907 (WhatsApp) or Email :